Continuous Improvement

Throughout the development of our Continuous Sterilization System, we have continuously made improvements to solve the following:

Low Throughput, Higher Condensate and Poor Kernel Separation

  • To overcome low throughput issues associated with our first generation Single Deck Continuous Sterilizer, the second generation Double Deck Continuous Sterilizer was increased to 120 (2 decks x 30 metres) metres compared to 84 (1 deck x 42 metres) metres of its predecessor. The shorter length per unit reduces the load on the chain while the additional deck increases sterilization capacity.
  • Introduction of a steam dryer system to increase the temperature of steam entering into the Continuous Sterilizer, also improving pressing throughput, reduction of condensate and better kernel recovery.

High Formation of Free Fatty Acid

  • Formation of free fatty acid is positively correlated to maturity of fruit, bruising of fruit and time gap between sterilization and harvesting
  • Continuous improvements were made on the structure of the fresh fruit bunch conditioner in order to minimize bruising of fruits
  • Sterilization process begins immediately after conditioning, thus eliminating any time gap between the two processes